We’ve been enjoying the holiday weekend by shopping! How uniquely American of us!

First we headed to the stores:

Dale’s favorite store in Chicago! He had to get a little treat to celebrate his first paycheck.
I pretended to approve.

Next up:
We found curtains! There, and at Sears. We found the softer side of Sears with Ty Pennington curtains. They are hot, as you will see.

Exhausted, we decide to indulge in one of our favorites: Thai food.
It was our first trip to Amarind’s but it will certainly not be our last:
It’s shaped like a castle. And the food is tasty. What more could we want? Excellent service, too!

So, we worked hard putting our apartment together (we just got new windows last week) and here they are, in all their dark blue glory:

And these are my beloved bedroom curtains with adorable fixtures:
We had some champagne and relaxed on our absurdly cute porch, which you can kind of see through the curtain. More pics to come. Whee!