So, Dale woke me up one night two weeks ago and let me know that the World’s Tackiest Headboard happened to be right outside our bedroom window–waiting to go into the trash.

I was thrilled and we immediately scurried down the stairs and scooped it up. Of course, nothing can be simple! My goal was just to spray paint it a fabu gold and blue and use it as a free and easy piece in my dream Moulin Rouge-themed bedroom! I want to live inside the elephant in Moulin Rouge! So I started cleaning it tonight and it’s filthy, of course. But worse yet, the paint–both layers of it–is coming off on my cleaning rag. And it’s lovely hand-carved wood underneath! Gah! Now I am going to have to strip it in order to paint it because if I paint it, it will just flake off! *sigh*

Anyway, you can follow the progress of the World’s Tackiest Headboard here, including the newly uncovered wood beneath the tacky paint.