Dale shot a wedding in Petoskey the first weekend of May and since it was my birthday weekend–and a place where many dear friends live–I decided to go with him.

We stayed with Doug…

and the boys (Oliver and Cole, pictured above).

Dale did everything he could to make it a nice birthday for me. It was great, actually, though this year is filled with painful “firsts” without my mom Dale made it really special and fun. Anyway, Dale had a bunch of people call me (he’s sneaky) and got me a new iPod. Sweet! And my friend Rebecca made me cupcakes for the road trip–she’s a sweetie!

While Dale was working, Doug & I drove to Charlevoix on Saturday to meet our friend Heather and her little girl Maggie for lunch. We also wandered about Charlevoix for a spell and got ice cream.

Heather is pregnant with baby #2 and is due in a couple of weeks! This is us in Charlevoix. Oh, and I’m wearing my new glasses! As one of the bosses at work told me, “very fashion-forward!” But I think that might have been an insult. Hee!

Maggie is a cutie! And she loves her glass, too, obviously! She lit up like the fourth of July when Heather gave her the sunglasses! Ha!

Then it was back to Petoskey. During the weekend we went to a few of our favorite spots including Roast & Toast (an adorable indie coffee shop/deli) that is situated right next to one of my favorite bookstores in the world: McLean & Eakin (I could live there). Also, we went to the greatest kitchen gadget store in Michigan: Cutler’s. It was a very happy trip!

We drove to Harbor Springs on Sunday and had breakfast at Mary Ellen’s Diner–an old-fashioned counter grill and ice cream spot.

Doug & I soaking up the atmosphere! We also saw Iron Man. Good times.

Dale and I took the long way home–we drove along Lake Michigan as much as we could and stopped for dinner in St. Joseph to eat on a restaurant patio and watch the sunset. Lovely weekend! It was great to see Heather & Doug! I wish we all lived closer.