Recently, Dale and I attended Wired Magazine’s NextFest. It “is the premier showcase of the global innovations transforming our world.” So there!

Perhaps the highlight (at least for Dale) was “meeting” the Keepon, a small yellow robot designed to study social interaction but mostly famous for appearing in this ridiculously cute video (wherein his scientist/creator studies as Keepon interacts with the public):

Other highlights included this fancy new synthetic leg known as the c-leg system.

And these little personal vehicles from Toyota called the iSwing (why does everything start with a lower case “i” now?) I liked these! They were like Segways for the winter! It also brings us one step closer to the future envisioned in Wall-E!

This is the MARCbot, meant to be used in space and created by NASA.

Mower! This awesome little dude is a grass mower. He was hilarious, roaming about the loan chomping his grass.