Last weekend Dale and I went to Lake Geneva and then took the long way home through Beloit and back to Illinois. It was a nice day. Lake Geneva is a cute little waterfront town with plenty of shops and boat tours. It was a pretty rainy day so we didn’t take any of the tours.

Along the way, we stopped into the arcade that featured all old school arcade games and pinball machines. The night Dale and I met waaaay back in 1995 we played Addams Family Pinball. It just so happens that I was AWESOME at it. Heh. And Dale was pretty good, too. We played a few games for old time’s sake and Dale happened to have one exceptional game–so good it got him the #3 spot in the top games on the machine! Nicely done!! I was both very proud and rather jealous. Someday we must have a pinball machine for home! *sniff*

On our way out of Lake Geneva we spotted this fella preening in the woods for a couple of nearby females. He was strutting all around. Pretty cute.

Our next stop was in Tiffany, Wisconsin. Known only for this bridge that is kind of hard to find. This five-arch masonry bridge is the only one like it in the United States. There’s only one other like it in the world, and its in France. We thought it was quite lovely. It’s a train bridge.

Here’s a picture of Betty with some junk in her trunk. Heh.

Then we stopped in Beloit, Wisconsin, known for the Beloit Iron Works. This old factory has been painted up real pretty on the side of the building that faces the river in order to encourage development along the water. They have lovely photos blown up that cover sections of the building–they are vintage photos of the Iron Works workers. Very cool!

Dale and I had to look closely at this one to realize that this building with all the windows is really not what it appears. The bricks and the windows are simply painted on. It breaks up the massive length of the warehouse-like buildings.

We stumbled on this great old abandoned theater on our way out of town. Such a shame that a great place has gone dark!
And finally Dale hopped out of the car to get a photo of this memorial statue. We thought it was quite spectacular for a little Wisconsin town.

Edited to add: if you click on any of the photos you’ll get a better view of them.