Yesterday was my birthday! And to celebrate Dale took me to the Tiki Terrace! A fabulous Polynesian-themed restaurant in the suburbs. it was a HOOT. Check out the fabulous decor! Those Easter Island dudes are scary!

That’s right. I’m now 37. I treated myself to an expensive haircut with highlights and Dale got me the adorable necklace I’m wearing in this picture–sadly you can barely see it. Trust me–it’s ADORABLE.
This is a picture I took of Dale, wherein I was trying to replicate my Signature(TM) Pose! It pretty much worked.

We had some cocktails–Dale’s glass had tiny naked girls on it!–and we enjoyed some Taro Chips–don’t know what they are but they were tasty!

Our friends Lara and Tony were kind enough to come out and celebrate my birthday with us! Rebecca and Pat would have come had they not had a family thing on the same night.

Just as we wrapped up our entrees, the floor show started! It last for about an hour and involved lots of dancing, some jokes and general shenanigans.

During the show I was totally hijacked into getting on stage. They suddenly announced: Will tonight’s birthday people get on stage? REBECCA! Where is Rebecca!” So I went up to hula and then–then–they announced that you didn’t have to come on stage. Grr.

Anyway, it was a hoot. I hula’d with my co-birthdayers. Dale took a little video and this pic sums it up: I spent the entire dance biting my lip in concentration and completely missing every move I was supposed to make and ended up just looking confused and swaying my hands back and forth! Hee! It was a fun time!