Long time no blog! We’re back from Scotland and still recovering from jetlag and general travel exhaustion. I took the snapshot above at Edinburgh castle. Will be posting a ton of pics, as well as a HUGE gallery of our photos in the coming weeks. We need time, people! We’re tired!

Anyway, above is a photo taken of some famous stairs at Edinburgh Castle, which is actually more of a fort from my perspective. The castlefort overlooks a really nice Starbucks. But the damn coffee shop closes at 7 p.m. Crazy country! Everything is the same but just a little different. For example the Dollar Store is called Pound City. Seriously. I didn’t believe my eyes at first but I saw several of them. Coke tastes more like Pepsi. The cars drive on the opposite of the road, as do the drivers. Heh.

Anyway, lots more to come, just wanted to post my favorite picture so far.