Dale and I spent the weekend apart. Of course, he didn’t take any pictures with his friends! Gah! But he said it was great to see them and to hang out in Fenton and Flint. Big love to Greg, Chase, Mikee, Terry and Jonathon. And thanks to Matt for driving over with Dale!

Heather cutting the cake!
I was up in the Traverse City area visiting with some of my favorite friends. My college roomie and BFF Heather is pregnant and we had a shower for her on Saturday. Rebecca did a great job with decorations and I enjoyed being there with my gal pals! Thanks for letting me stay and being a great hostess, Cindy (you remember, the Mary Kay lady)!

On Sunday, Doug and Suzanne came over from Petoskey and we had an amazing brunch at the Hasselhof. No, that’s an actor. Hofbrau? I think. Whatev. It was delish! Make your own Bloody Mary bar! Waffles! Chocolate-covered strawberries! Prime Rib! Insanity in Interlochen!

Heather is indeed preggers! See little Isabella and Bennett
(Brent and Cindy’s super cute kids) in the background.

Heather and Ryan Ranger–proud parents-to-be! We’re happy to share this big occasion with them! Wow! Congrats!

Doug and Suzanne! It was so great to see them. It was the only chance I’ve had to see them so far this year! Tragedy! I adore them both to bits and pieces and Dougie and I have been BFF since 1994-ish!

Brent and Cindy! Brent is Heather’s lil’ bro and Cindy is Ree’s cousin! They’re the cutest! Two kids later they’re still crazy in love! Aww!