It would seem this year the torch has been passed as Dale’s father passed his beloved Nikon FE camera gear to Dale. From what I have been told–endlessly–this is really cool stuff.

Dale spent a couple nights just cleaning and familiarizing himself with it. It’s quite the spread of goods!

Apparently photographers spend a lot of time taking pictures of rather uninspiring subjects in an effort to familiarize themselves with new equipment. This is great with digital cameras because the photos are free, but with film each frame costs money; I fear the ringing in my ear is the endless tone of the cash register.

Thankfully not every photo he has taken has been uninspired. In fact, he seems pleased with a few of them and genuinly likes a couple of them. Thankfully he is only making me post the six good photos and ignoring the thirty bad ones.

So here are some scans from the new camera.

American Gothic Statue now in downtown Chicago. I looooove this statue.

Dale’s friend and co-worker, Armi looking fierce and fab.

Random Bicycle.

NBC tower.

The Chicago River from Michigan Avenue!

More to come, I’m sure!