We have a new streetscape! Last winter, I took photos of our first real snow day in Oak Park. You can see them here. Where we once had a big Christmas tree and a closed street. We now have a lovely renovated street–with lovely bricks. Dale took this photo basically where the Christmas tree used to be.

I had to work when the street opening party began so Dale ran over and took some photos for me. Check out the fancy ice sculptures!

Each light was wrapped with lights and greenery. And each tree has a revolving light that changes colors!

A view from in front of the ice sculpture.

To get the best shots, Dale went to stand on the train platform that overlooks Marion St. All the trees are lit up in a dark blue. Pretty!

It’s hard to tell from this picture but snowflakes are projected onto the bank building at the far end of the street.

The magic tress, change from blue to pink…

The all-new Marion St.