Our first stop in Scotland was at the Royal Brittania!

Our host, Ginni, is a fan of the royal family and she explained that occassionally the non-royal lovers demand the royal family appear less affluent. So they made their family yacht (the queen’s ship–she’s head of the Royal Navy, natch) a tourist attraction. Once the commonfolk saw it they were a little relieved–it’s not a Donald Trump-esque ship! It’s beautiful but classy and not ostentatious (in spite of being a yacht).

The Royal dining room! It took three hours to set the table! The used a ruler to measure each place setting. This is where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip entertained many dignitaries, including Ron and Nancy Reagan.

When it is necessary for the Royals to come into shore from the Brittania, they would take this hot little number right here! Additionally, there is a vintage Rolls that is stowed away on the deck of the yacht. They would have to slide it in sideways into it’s little garage make it fit–Queenie has to have proper transport, don’tcha know? They used a crane to get the Rolls on shore as necessary.

There were several bars on board, including this one. As I recall, this is the officer’s bar. The royals had their own, of course, and then one for guests. But I might be getting confused. At any rate, excellent use of space. Ha!

This is a lounge area where guests would congregate. It’s next to the long dining room. Corporations now rent out the yacht for private parties. I believe you can even rent it out for weddings and such.

For more on Brittania you can check out this link. Most Americans seem to like the fact that Princess Diana and Prince Charles took their honeymoon on the yacht. Famously, Diana broke royal protocol and, after a prolonged absence from her children, greeted them with motherly hugs and kisses in front of the press onboard Britannia and not the cool handshake usually reserved for royal children.