We had our first snow last week and–bonus–it was a big one! So big that Rebecca got the day off work for a snow day. That never happened in Michigan! Neat.

Since we were snowed in, we went for a short walk down our block and had some soup at the Chinese restaurant just two blocks away. Our street ends right in downtown Oak Park because they closed the street to create a pedestrian mall. This is what we saw on our way:

At the intersection of our street and Lake St. stands a lovely Christmas Tree! All Decorated for the holidays. This is the view from our corner and below is a close up!

Along the mall, there are a host of adorable shops, benches, and places to park bikes. Shops include a cute place to buy stuff for your pets, a childrens clothing store, a place to buy running shoes, an old-fashioned kite shop and a few restaurants, including Thai, Chinese, a diner, a bread and soup place and the chain Cozi. Also, we have a Cold Stone Creamery (though we always visit local dairy Oberwiess). Very cute!

A few pics from the mall–including some cold bikes!