Exciting news! I saw Patrick Swayze coming out of his trailer just two blocks from where I work. I was walking down the street, sipping my Starbucks, when Johnny Castle himself stepped out of his trailer and made eye contact with me.

No, I did not run away with him! But I did smile and then keep walking. It was a very exciting Tuesday trip to work. I did not have my camera with me but the stalker gal in the video above certainly did! She spotted him during a much busier time (the street was deserted when I had my little Swayze moment) and she got video! Oddly enough when I got to my office I realized Patrick Swayze had been all over my work neighborhood the day before working and celebrating his 56th birthday. So happy birthday, Johnny Castle! Hope you’re kicking cancer‘s ass!

Also? Dale owes me scads of photos he’s taken, which is why I haven’t updated more recently. Let this post shame him into handing them over! Hee!

Edited to add: Um, it turns out Johnny Castle is a porn star in addition to being the name of Patrick Swayze’s character in Dirty Dancing. So, um, yeah, I meant the movie with Jennifer Grey and not the “gay for pay” porn star Johnny Castle! In case there was any confusion!