So we have a cat hair problem. With three kitties–and two that shed like mad–it’s no wonder we’ve been considering buying a ROOMBA just to vacuum while we’re at work!

I was at Petco and found a cheaper alternative…The FURminator! It’s a cat brush that takes care of business! It’s guaranteed to cut down on shedding and hairballs–needless to say we were intrigued. It’s expensive at $40 but it’s cheaper than a ROOMBA, you know?

Anyway, check out the DISGUSTINGLY huge pile of hair at sitting next to Bela and Monty as they get a second round of FURmination from Dale! That’s one tightly-packed fur ball!

It’s easily pulling out fives times the amount of hair a traditional brush would–and Bela seems to really like it!

Since getting the FURminator (seriously, that’s its name) yesterday, Dale estimates that we have ganked about 10 to 12 tribbles‘ worth of out of our three cats!

I wish I had taken a video of Dale’s first round of Bela being FURminated! So much fur came off it looked like Dale was shaving him down. If you check out the FURminator website, those pictures of actual hair pulled from pets is not a joke! Day two we pulled nearly as much off Bela as on day one!

Oh, and this is my FIRST video post! Exciting!