Dale’s mom, Jackie and his Grandma Murray came to visit last weekend. We had a nice Mother’s Day time with them.

Us gals got pedicures on Saturday morning. Just like we did last year!

Then we went to this cute little suburban town called Long Grove and did a little shop. To enter the town you have to go under a covered bridge!

Many of the shops are converted residences. It was pretty adorable. Thanks to Lara and Trish for suggesting it!

Jackie, at the old-fashioned candy shop.

Grandma Murray and myself picking out our chocolate goodies.

On Mother’s Day, we took them to White Fence Farm–but we forgot out camera! Our meals looked just like the ones pictured, however!

Our evenings were largely filled with Scrabble–Jackie is very serious about it! But on their last night in town, Dale got schooled on how to hem my pants! I’m terrified of the sewing machine but Dale is quite handy with it, believe it or not. So now I have two more pairs of pants I can wear than before the ladies arrived. I made out like a bandit, obviously!