Dale emailed me a few photos of his road trip with his best pal Chase. Chase is moving to Arizona, as I mentioned before, and Dale drove out with him. They arrived in Arizona yesterday and Dale emailed me a few pictures of the trip so far. I’m sure he’ll have plenty more to share later. The above photo is Dale in Taos, NM at the Rio Grande.

This is a shot of Chase & Dale at the Painted Desert. Dale said it was a little late to get the full effect at sunrise but this gives you the flavor!

This amazing place is where a meteor hit the earth! Look at the size of that crater! It’s crazy! Dale says it is 3/4 of a mile across and 800 feet deep!

Dale cracked me up by providing his first impressions of Phoenix (Dale is not a big fan of very hot climates):

Phoenix is a god forsaken land of dirt with a smattering a foliage just scraping by to exist; seriously it feels like God is in the sky trying to burn all the people on the ground with a magnifying glass. No human was ever meant to live here; for example the houses have industrial air conditioners mounted on the roof. It appears to be a constant battle between the bastard burning sun and a desire to live.