Dale finally gave me the pictures he took at Christmas. More family pics below…

I took this one–Dale and his Grandma Murray on Christmas Eve.

Grandma Murray helping Ian with his new keyboard.

Ian unwrapping an exciting present.

On Christmas morning we went to Wayne & Lisa’s to play with kids. Lauren kicked my butt while playing Operation!

For dinner we went to my Uncle Randy & Aunt Diane’s. Here’s a picture of my cousin Randy with his boys, Jack & Colton.
Jack & Colton playing with my Aunt Diane’s mom in the background.

Our last stop was to stop in and see Melissa & Matthew, our niece and nephew from Dale’s stepbrother, Tim.

Melissa and her very pretty long-haired kitty!

This is Bruno, Dale’s mom’s dog. He’s a beauty! And was very affectionate and excited to have company.

Dale’s mom asked for a new Better Homes & Gardens cookbook for Christmas. She said her old one was “worn out”–she was NOT joking!