Dale and I went for a long walk around Chicago’s theater district that culminated in a trip to the public library. We found out Chicago’s public library is the second largest in the world, behind London’s public library. The photo above is the main rotunda!

This is the top floor of Chicago’s Public Library. It’s a beautiful space that can be used and rented out for private events. It’s quite spectacular.

This was a controversial building when it was built as it was very modern and stood in stark contrast to the surrounding buildings. Check out the super-modern sculpture front and center.

A lovely shot of the front of the Opera House. It was a windy day but we saw lots of pretty buildings and sites.

A statue that sits in the courtyard area of the Chicago Board and Trade.
Oooh! Pretty door! That the Chicago federal reserve something or other. Hee! They have a money museum! Isn’t that odd?
This is an electricity substation with a very strange art deco architectural flourish!
Pretty building.
Downtown Chicago.

Theater district McDonald’s–very fancy!

Theater district.

The Color Purple was showing downtown.