There were many street vendors selling shirts, buttons and other memorabilia and the streets were flooded with people sporting the stuff they bought. Overall, everybody seemed very excited and proud to be showing off their Obama loot.
I parked it for a spell to watch the CNN results as they came rolling in. Dale wandered about taking pictures as I muttered to myself and worried over Virginia and Ohio!

It was a truly culturally, racially mixed crowd–not to mention the age range. People of all races brought their children out with them.

These guys are all from Atlanta and they drove all the way up just to be in the area when Obama won. They didn’t even have tickets to the speech–they just wanted to be in the area and experience the event in person.

The sun set and the new BlueCross BlueShield building featured a big USA spelled out in office lights while the “Adventures in Babysitting” building (as I fondly call it) featured a “VOTE 2008” sign.

There was media from all over the world prowling Michigan Ave. and Grant Park. Dale was interviewed by Danish TV on Michigan Ave. near his building! He’s famous in Denmark! Dale’s coworker–who is French–was interviewed for a French-speaking Canadian radio station.

Obama Presidential Rally PARKING. We were excited about it.

And with any big event there are oddballs! This one was particularly odd. He was the ghost of Uncle Sam, maybe? Yeah, I don’t know, either. Dale says he was on roller skates. I was transfixed by his wings and his creepy boa that he wrapped around each person that took a photo with him.

Dale has scads of photos posted in an online gallery (way too many to post here). To see them clink here!